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Elevator components suited for every elevator type.
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Car Top Railings


  • Lightweight aluminum railing

  • Quick installation

  • Field adjustable

  • Isolated from cab shell

  • Complete with all hardware

Machine Guarding


  • Pre-engineered quick installation

  • Meets all code requirements 

  • Field adjustable

  • Complete with all hardware 

  • 2ft, 3ft, and 4ft panels

  • 3ft swing doors

Work On the Safe Side

AVT’s Machine Room Guarding is easy to install in just 35 minutes. Comes with complete safety signage package and can be customized on-site.

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  • Constant torque

  • Eliminates stack effect

  • Accommodates heavy doors

  • Direct replacement

Performance Data

  • Tested cycles: 1,002,163

  • Balanced thru cycle

  • 1 wrap = 3.5 to 3.6 lbs 

  • 15 wrap = 18 to 18.7 lbs

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