AVT Beckett’s Elevator Experts Spotlight: Carlie Peraziana

Can you believe that we’ve had experience in the elevator manufacturing world for over sixty years? And in that time, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many honest and dedicated employees. They push themselves every day to manufacture reliable elevator cabs, doors, accessories, and machine beds that keep your passengers riding safely. 

In our interview series, we’ll let you hear from one of our team members. Who they are, what they do, and why they decided to call AVT Beckett their workplace of choice, are just some of the things they’ll talk about. 

Our first interview is with Carlie Perazania. She’s a lead hand in our cab department. Every day, she’s responsible for overseeing the performance of the production team and ensuring that all tasks are completed safely and on time.

Interview with Carlie Peraziana

Elevator manufacturers and suppliers

What do you like the most about your job?

I am a very curious person who enjoys understanding how things work and why things are the way they are. At AVT Beckett, I get to expand my knowledge with a variety of opportunities and challenging projects.

What’s the most exciting elevator manufacturing project you’ve worked on at AVT and why?

Buffalo International Airport was the coolest by far, and it highlights the importance of goals and milestones. I had to breakdown larger tasks into smaller chunks so that it was easier to know where to start. Detailed planning was also especially important to ensure the project went smoothly. It was challenging, but I was able to turn it into a great accomplishment.

What are the most rewarding and challenging parts of working in the elevator industry?

The most challenging aspect of working in the elevator industry is that technology is constantly changing. Customers are more aware than ever and they expect faster services — the elevator world is no exception. With so many new challenges, the only way to win and continue to grow is to constantly learn and innovate.  

By understanding these changes, I find a sense of accomplishment in developing my skills to help foster the growth of my team. I constantly lead new members, exposing me to novel ways of thinking and different learning styles. This pushes me to acknowledge each person’s strengths and weaknesses so that I can teach efficiently and effectively. In turn, this helps them grow and flourish as employees.

What trends are you currently seeing in the elevator world?

Health and safety issues, accelerated by COVID-19, are spawning new developments in the elevator industry. Elevator interiors, air quality, UV technology, and touch-less solutions will all be addressed to reduce potential virus spread.

What’s a fun fact about you that many people may not know?

I enjoy reading thoughts and ideas that may completely oppose my own. It’s important that I constantly question and challenge my ideals to ensure I never settle into one way of thinking. I find reading is the best way for me to accomplish this. 

When are you most happy?

I really love the feeling of accomplishment. I am kind of a ” words of affirmation” girl, so if I’ve done something new or challenging it makes me happy to share the accomplishments with the people I love the most. Also, a good Indie rock song will make me happier more than it probably should.

To get your elevator projects done on time and to spec, AVT Beckett relies on the hard work of people like Carlie. As she mentioned, lift technology is constantly changing. Without our skilled manufacturing staff, there’s no way we’d be able to keep to the pace of modern vertical transportation solutions. 

Our elevator experts are always striving to reach greater heights. With an extensive list of products, AVT Beckett continues to be one of North America’s leading elevator manufacturers. We help you find the right systems for your building and your guests. 

You can rely on us to get the job done, every time. So connect with us and we’ll match your needs with service and equipment that’ll raise your property higher than ever before.