AVT Beckett Unveils “Cab Design Studio” Elevator Design Tool

Pickering, ON, January 12, 2021 — AVT Beckett introduces its new elevator cab interior design tool, Cab Design Studio.

Cab Design Studio is an easy-to-use online planning and design tool for elevator cabs to allow users to configure and visualize their elevator interior design options. 

Accessible at avtbeckett.com, the tool allows users to virtually design their custom elevator cabs in under 10 minutes and see the 3D results in real-time. With dozens of finishes, materials and patterns, designers and architects using Cab Design Studio can take direct control of the design and specification process.

Various components and options available from AVT Beckett — such as cab wall panels, ceilings, handrails — can be selected to customize designs.

“AVT is very excited to be adding the new Cab Design Tool that will enable our customs to have an interactive experience to bring their cab vision to life. From Concept to Final Rendering and Material Specifications can be done in no time at all.”

More about Cab Design Studio

Cab Design Studio guides users through simple steps for configuring and visualizing their elevator cab interiors:

  1. Select one of AVT’s 12 elevator cab configurations.
  2. Create design and apply styles and finishes from AVT’s extensive catalogue.
  3. The final design can be downloaded as a comprehensive PDF for easy reference and sharing.

AVT Beckett’s Cab Design Studio is now available at www.avtbeckett.com/cab-design-studio. For more information about AVT Beckett elevators, visit www.avtbeckett.com.

About AVT Beckett

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