AVT Beckett Elevator Ltd. Is the leading supplier of machine guarding for the North American elevator industry. Having had great success in elevators, we are pleased to now offer our Matrix Guard line for general purpose machine guarding. We will continue to practice the principles that have made us so successful in the past. Most importantly, a focus on customer satisfaction and consistent, timely delivery of exceptional products.

  • Incredibly easy to install: Our measured installation times with several major competitor’s components show that the Matrix Guard installation times are 4 to 5 times faster and therefore less costly.
  • Strong and secure: Matrix guard gets its strength from all-steel construction, its system of anchoring to the floor with 3/8” pads, and unparalleled 2.5” square high strength steel tubular posts.
  • Maintenance-Free: Matrix Guard will look new for years to come due to our high quality polyurethane paint coating.
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