Fast-growing AVT Beckett continues making its name in Toronto as it looks to expand to the U.S.

AVT Beckett Elevator Ltd. serves Greater Toronto from nearby Pickering. Approximately half its
sales are to Ontario, 16% to the U.S. and 14% to Ottawa, with the remainder spread across other provinces. It has its own engineering team and plans to open a U.S. facility soon, which should improve the percentage of sales to that country.

Your author was fortunate enough to tour AVT Beckett’s factory and two of its recently completed projects while in Ontario for the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association Convention (p. ??). Tom Rennick organized the trip and introduced husband-and-wife owners Darren Sullivan and Barb Buchanan. They explained that the full-service company manufactures a wide variety of elevator components and packages.

AVT Beckett was formed nine years ago, when newly founded AVT purchased well-known entrances and doors manufacturer/installer Beckett. Beckett also brought the important UL and UL-C certifications AVT (which produced only structures and frames) needed. Starting as a three-person operation, it now employs 58, working in two shifts 18 hours a day, five days a week. Guy Seguin leads the company’s other location, a 10,000-sq-ft. sales and installation office set up four years ago in Ottawa, Canada, with seven employees. “It’s been a whirlwind 10 years of growth, and we’ve been lucky,” Sullivan said.

A clear focus for AVT Beckett is streamlining installation. Everything in the factory seems geared to make the process faster and easier, from predrilled holes on cab panels to brackets that can be easily bent by hand. The switch from the industry standard materials of wood and steel to exclusively aluminum made such features possible and, of course, greatly reduces weight. Sullivan (himself an elevator mechanic and welder) added, “We really believe we can use more technology to make the industry better. We never leave it alone.”

Sullivan explained that customization is key. AVT Beckett meets this need with an ever-expanding engineering department that can turn jobs around in a few hours to a few days. Engineer James Tait told your author that the department’s goal is to quickly create a design that can be installed as easily as possible, whether the job is part of its fixed product line or custom. Once created, the 3D drawings remain on file in case of additional orders or to reference for future jobs. Existing plans can be used to create new ones in as little as 7 min. by choosing specifications from a list of questions.

Costs are cut, and lead times are reduced with the= recent addition of heavy architectural metal fabrication and a glassworks in a new building. Even kit cabs are available for self installation. “We have the experience and knowledge to go as fast as you want and as high as you want,” Sullivan said.


Original Source: Elevator World

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